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For decades we run the most advanced ENT department supported by highly qualified consultants and well-trained medical professionals. It all started by famous ENT surgeon Lt. Dr. Ashok Kumar Mukherjee who along with his colleague reputed anaesthetistLt. Dr. Asit Mukherjee who was also equally popular as physician among masses and other team members made ENT surgery affordable to common people and inspired people to take care of ENT which common people are reluctant to get treated due to poor awareness. We take immense pride in working with them and respect their values, ethics in medical practice and guidance.

The state-of-the art facilities available here make it possible to carry out Micro Surgery with a minimal invasive approach and minimum hospital stay at the most reasonable cost.

All kinds of Head & Neck surgery, Nose and Throat surgery like Parotid Gland, sub mandible glad, Thyroid Surgery, Laryngectomy Nasal Endoscopy, Ear Microsurgery, Mastoidectomy, Nasal Polypectomy and other critical surgery are performed with special care by highly qualified and experienced ENT Surgeons.


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