Normal Delivery / Caesarean Section

Babies can enter this world in one of two ways

Normal Delivery / Caesarean Section

Women can give birth by vaginal path which is known as normal delivery or by surgical method known as caesarean section. But the ultimate goal is to safely give birth to a healthy baby. Some time surgical method is done due to risk in vaginal delivery.

Our Obstetrics department offers complete range of facilities for safe child birth along with a safe mother hood even for complicated deliveries. Since 1980 stalwarts in this field like Dr. T. N. Mukherjee, Dr. Bijoy Kumar Soumandal, Lt. Dr. Banoshree Ghose and other eminent doctors performed hundreds of these procedures with outstanding rate of success. We take immense pride in working with them and respect their values, ethics in medical practice. Today we have next gen of eminent doctors to carry on their legacy.

  • 24 hour OT facilities.
  • In house investigations.
  • Trained Nurse.
  • Anaesthesits
  • A fully equipped NICU.
  • Facilities for multi speciality panel consultations.
Normal Delivery
Normal Delivery

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