All cores were done under regional anesthesia;
either spinal or epidural

NDVH (Non Decent Vaginal Hysterectomy)

Hysterectomy is the surgical procedure for removal of the uterus from human body, usually performed by a gynecologist. Hysterectomy may be total - removing the body, fundus, and cervix from the uterus; often called "complete" or partial that is removal of the uterine body while leaving the cervix intact; also called "supracervical".

It is the most commonly performed gynecological surgical treatment. It can be done by abdominal or vaginal or laparoscopic route. Non-decent hysterectomy is performed through the vagina and it is preferred over every other kind of uterus removal operation.

Some common symptoms for Hysterectomy include:

  • If the uterine fibroids have swollen up and are bleeding a lot.
  • In case of lot of pelvic pain and the periods that you’re getting are really heavy.
  • If there is a cancer in the cervix, uterus or ovaries.

Advantages of NDVH over other procedures

  • The process is very easy and does not take long like other surgeries.
  • It has a great advantage over abdominal hysterectomy, where insertions would instead be made in abdomen.
  • It is scar less and leaves no stretch marks.
  • Less bleeding and pain.
  • Shorter hospitals stay, lesser recovery time, quick return to normal life and easy to recover from this surgery.
  • Unlike abdominal hysterectomy there is not possibility of post operative hernia.

NDVH (Non Decent Vaginal Hysterectomy)

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